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"Answering The Question Why Do You HATE Transwomen"

Magdalen Berns deciphers the issues for you

Unfortunately Magdalen Berns, a British lesbian woman, died of cancer on 13th September 2019. But she’s left us with some gems and this is certainly one of them. I doubt that the two Media graduates, Aaron Hawkins & Jacinda Ardern, could do something with as much personality. They’re both of the view that it is bigotry to suggest that transwomen are not women. But how could transwomen be women if they wern’t something else other than women in the first place? Yes this is a logical trap, it will never make sense. And if women as a category also allows men to be women then what does women even mean?

To me discounting 50% of the human population due to their sex is itself pretty damned bigoted. Anyway Magdalen exposes these conundrums for what they are, the misogynist colonization of women’s spaces. And she does it well.

The relevant bit for Moana Pool starts fairly quickly in at about 0:30 seconds.

#MoanaPool #womensrights #dcc #dunedin #SeagerForMayor

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Richard Seager