Forum For The Future imagines your megacity of 2040

And not even they can be enthusiastic about it


I hadn’t heard of these clowns previously but it looks like they’re embedded in the WEF ideas of a fascist future. The newspaper headlines hint at a low carbohydrate diet (0:30) as part of a global deal on climate change, there are city states who sign up with City Corp to “redesign cities” (but can’t even spell ‘government’) there is a Global Food Council (1:58) that reminds one of what Bill Gates is up to while he’s not trying to poison you with his jabs. There are floating cities and water rationing. Only the rich can drive their cars in the city centre (2:20) and it looks like most live in ghettos with no access to much of anything (2:49) and Vee the narrator’s husband works from home playing computer games for a living (actually controlling robots at a desalination plant - 1:01) therefore he has no human interaction during his workday which is spent at home. You have calorie cards instead of credit cards (and they’re set to starvation levels by the looks of it). Slick travel corp (looks like Uber) runs the car fleet. There’s a mega computer in charge (1:32) which seems to decide on your future career (I guess this doesn’t apply to the ghetto where you may end up “fixing carbon scrubbers” and I guess that’s a euphemism - 1:50). And of course you meet up with your friends virtually (but not if Mark Zuckerberg goes broke I reckon).

There’s some bits that don’t fit in to this dystopia as well, people on electric bikes will be able to think (unlike those in their ubers) as part of cycling around requires it and food being grown in parts of the city centres formally allocated to car parking doesn’t sound like something Bill Gates would like.

This video was produced in 2010/11 and was a joint production with Embarq,

the FIA (freudian slip?) Foundation and Vodafone.

What a pack of shits.

And all that money and they can only raise one like on a tweet.

Here’s the 4 scenarios these guys imagined (thanks baboon)

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