Last month of 'interactions' on Twitter

It seems by design


It seems that my existence on Twitter encourages multiple attempts at denigration. First one, then they fall off, then another until they fall off. But I’m never left alone.

Pretty negative. I don’t see any improvement from pre Elon days at this stage.

Just now I’ve been given a 12 hour timeout it seems for calling Pat Brittenden a moron. Twitter always warns you about using such words along the lines of ‘most people don’t use them, are you sure that you want to’ which I ignore because of course I want to use those words, I would not have written them otherwise. But anyway that 12 hour timeout gives a good indication of those who I’m interacting with (and I am deboosted which limits those interactions) as my tweets are hidden. It’s pretty draining stuff.

Also the restriction to 280 characters encourages conflict in my view and I’m not sure that doesn’t apply to me as well, but boy Pat is a moron.

#BHN #theDOCNZ #elephantTV