Mayor Aaron Hawkins acts like a tyrant in the service of the corporate a'gender

Only Jules Radich and Lee Vandervis show any gonads here

Jul 27, 2022

Kudos to Jennifer Scott for bringing this topic to the attention of the councilors of the Dunedin City Council. And kudos too to Jules and Lee, both men, who argued for the rights of women here. The other councilors, especially the deputy Mayor need to be dismissed from the council at the coming election. Who they are follows.

Lee Vandervis is the man most likely this election.

Jules Radich is somewhat right wing Labour supposedly. But I would not guarantee that he’s occasionally voted for the National Party here especially as he’s running under the Team Dunedin ticket

Mayor Aaron Hawkins. Couldn’t even get Jennifer’s name right in the video above. How he got to be Mayor is a question. Only previous job was on student radio.

Christine Garey, Deputy Mayor. The establishment thought of skewing to her in 2019 when it became obvious that Aaron shouldn’t have been supported in the first place.

Jim O’Malley, ran for Mayor in 2019 and has stated, in the past, that he won’t do so again. Stands for nothing. Worked for Pfizer in the States, had his own biotech in the NE (New Jersey or Connecticut I can’t remember) at one stage. His comments here from about 11:20 sound like a threat to Jennifer Scott’s work as a nurse to my ears.

Rachel Elder, religious affilliations which likely rules her out of standing up for women considering the churches are in deep with this a’gender.

Carmen Houlahan. No friend of cyclists. Pulled out of the Team Dunedin ticket to run for Mayor. [Edit 28th July]. Should add that on a later analysis she was the only one who enjoyed the “I don’t care if you identify as a unicorn tomorrow…”. so I’ll give her somewhat guarded support for that.

Steve Walker. He is good on transport issues and supports cycling but is maybe a little prone to exaggerating his personal transport choices (it would seem to me).

Mike Lord, councilor for himself..

Maria Laufiso. As you can see, she did not stand up for women here and showed no interest in doing so. She also needs to be voted out.

David Benson-Pope, said by others to be the power behind Aaron Hawkins.

Chris Staynes. Plays a supporting role for Hawkins, Benson-Pope and Garey. Hopefully he doesn’t stand this year.

Who have I missed?

Sophie Barker. Too quick to jump in on the wrong side of the gender argument. Also one of the 2019 candidates who claimed disability at the disability meeting.

Andrew Whiley. The National Party candidate. What policy does he have other than drilling for oil off the Otago coast? I don’t know. He’s standing this year for council under the Team Dunedin umbrella.

26th August. I’ve updated these. Last time I profiled the other candidates but I’m not sure if I’ll do that this time.