Mayor Aaron Hawkins acts like a tyrant in the service of the corporate a'gender

Only Jules Radich and Lee Vandervis show any gonads here


Kudos to Jennifer Scott for bringing this topic to the attention of the councilors of the Dunedin City Council. And kudos too to Jules and Lee, both men, who argued for the rights of women here. The other councilors, especially the deputy Mayor need to be dismissed from the council at the coming election. Who they are follows.

Lee Vandervis is the man most likely this election. As he has been for the last several elections. Would have been elected Mayor in 2019 if the system was first past the post rather than Single Transferable Vote (STV). No friend of cycling it seems but someone has whispered in my ear that this is a misnomer and added that Lee is also a good violinist. If you’re going to vote against the Dunedin establishment then Lee is your man. I don’t know how good a Mayor he would be, possibly a very good one. But he does have an anger issue.

Jules Radich is somewhat right wing Labour supposedly. But I would not guarantee that he’s occasionally voted for the National Party here especially as he’s running under the Team Dunedin ticket alongside a bunch of them. Main platform is groynes at St Clair. I don’t know his policy on jabs but he walked the talk re male access to female changing rooms in the above video. I found him and Lee easy to get along with in the last election campaign. Unlike Aaron.

Mayor Aaron Hawkins, woke gender warrior. Couldn’t even get Jennifer’s name right in the video above, using either the first name of a prominent woman here in NZ who is involved with the Stand Up for Women group (i.e. all TERFs are the same) or the first name of a transsexual MP from 20 years ago (i.e. calculated provocation). Useless Mayor. Overbearing, unfriendly and one of the main allies in Green Party of the execrable, and extremely arrogant, Chloe Swarbrick. I don’t really need to say vote him out as unless there’s a lot of cheating in this coming election that’s exactly what is going to happen. And good riddance.

Christine Garey, Deputy Mayor and will likely run for Mayor again unless it’s whispered in her ear not to. The establishment thought of skewing to her in 2019 when it became obvious that Aaron shouldn’t have been supported in the first place. Was willing to use rumour and innuendo in the last campaign against an unnmamed male Mayoral candidate. Only policy that I know her for is the seemingly abandoned Harbourfront project that demanded much funding to turn the harbourfront into a middle class playground. Money would be better spent in South Dunedin but Christine and co are unable to see the potential there, only the lower socio-economic status. Supposedly Labour but if she is she’s very right wing Labour, not that this is unusual in 2022. American husband and like O’Malley has spent a lot of time in the States. Won’t stand up for women, can’t seem to be impartial as above and no friend of the unjabbed. You know the procedure.

Jim O’Malley, ran for Mayor in 2019 and has stated, in the past, that he won’t do so again. Stands for nothing. Worked for Pfizer in the States, had his own biotech in the NE (New Jersey or Connecticut I can’t remember) at one stage. His comments here from about 11:20 sound like a threat to Jennifer Scott’s work as a nurse to my ears. It would seem to me that he still works for Pharma. Also his chocolate venture, I doubt that it makes money, demanded jabs during the jab period. Rot in hell, Jim. Definitely not worth your vote.

Rachel Elder, religious affilliations which likely rules her out of standing up for women considering the churches are in deep with this a’gender. Seems to smirk here a lot and did nod her head in agreement at one stage but for what is up to interpretation. Talk around South Dunedin in 2019 was that she was a little insufferable. I don’t have a strong view on her other than that you should vote her out.

Carmen Houlahan. Claims Maori background but she likely knows fewer Maori words than most of us. Into property development and is running for Mayor. Her husband (Mike) was a journalist at the local paper during 2019, a decided advantage it would seem, but he doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Once again I don’t dislike her but she had her chance here to stand up for women and didn’t. Her alliances can be problematic and she is not afraid of playing the Machivellian. I’d suggest that you vote her out but you should at the least not put her forward as Mayor. Unfortunately it’s likely that she’ll be in again, I’m not sure for whose benefit. No friend of cyclists. Pulled out of the Team Dunedin ticket to run for Mayor. [Edit 28th July]. Should add that on a later analysis she was the only one who enjoyed the “I don’t care if you identify as a unicorn tomorrow…”. so I’ll give her somewhat guarded support for that.

Steve Walker, Labour candidate for council and somewhat liberal, whatever the hell that means. I used to be friendly but at a chance meeting at the Portsider (which still restricts entry to the vaccinated) last May or June? he alluded to the (real) COVID agenda and that New Zealand was now going to move forward on it and I told him that I was completely opposed to it. I doubt that we are too friendly anymore. Did not cover himself in glory here and although I doubt that he really supports gender over sex he also deserves to be voted out. I doubt that he will be unfortunately so you need to vote enough of us in to keep him on a chain. He is good on transport issues and supports cycling but is maybe a little prone to exaggerating his personal transport choices (it would seem to me).

Mike Lord, councilor for himself (various financial interests). His son is standing this year and is supposedly to the left of this right wing councilor. Vote him out and please do not put his son in.

Maria Laufiso, supposedly stands as a representative of the (not very large) Pacifika community here in Dunedin. In reality is just a woke Green warrior with nothing to say and a tendency to stand on the wrong side of issues for those, like herself, who are somewhat wealthy, in direct contrast to who she claims to be on Council for. As you can see, she did not stand up for women here and showed no interest in doing so. She also needs to be voted out.

David Benson-Pope, said by others to be the power behind Aaron Hawkins. Represents Dunedin’s establishment, was fired from his position in the Labour Party by Helen Clarke back in the mid 2000s. This was in a large part due to the stories going around of his bullying of students while he was headmaster at Bayfield before he became an MP.

Chris Staynes. Laziest by far on the campaign trail in 2019. Former head of Fisher and Paykal a large NZ whitegoods manufacturer (now mainly offshore). Supposedly Labour but since when have Labour been for CEOs and not the factory floor. More a supporting role for Hawkins, Benson-Pope and Garey. Hopefully he doesn’t stand this year.

Who have I missed?

Sophie Barker. Family purchased the Larnach Castle a while ago. Is, or maybe was, the partner of Jim O’Malley which should rule her out. Too quick to jump in on the wrong side of the gender argument. Also one of the 2019 candidates who claimed disability at the disability meeting. Therefore I can’t recommend that you vote for her.

Whatshisname. Andrew Whiley. The National Party candidate. What policy does he have other than drilling for oil off the Otago coast? I don’t know. He’s standing this year under the Team Dunedin umbrella.