Phillip the vaccine nazi of Opoho (18th Sep)

Gets to ask his question about vaccines after trying to ban us on masks.


Thanks to Malcolm Moncrieff Spittle for this video. Well played Sir.

And thanks to David Milne to have the sense to pull Philip Somerville up on it as well. The picture has him and Lee Vandervis laughing at the absurdity of Somerville’s nonsense.

On Monday night at the 2nd Opoho meeting, me in the audience, I was also told by someone there that they completely agreed with my stance. It was it would seem to me a case of Somerville breaking the laws of the country.

Here’s my letter to Phillip about masks on 12th September.

Hi Philip,

as it is very likely that the country will be ridding itself of the Government's extremist polices in regards to 'traffic lights' today at midnight this is a formal request that you reinstate me to your council candidates meeting this coming Sunday.

If nothing is forthcoming from you to this effect then not only will a complaint be going to the ombudsman on this matter but a formal request will be made to have you removed from your role at the two meetings on Sunday 18th and Monday the 19th.

Yours Sincerely

Richard Seager

Phillip emails us on 16th September 9:51 am. I was just on the verge of making my complaint.

Kia ora,

Below are more details about the DCC candidate meeting at Ōpoho for those coming on Sunday.

First, though, I need to let you know the Church Parish Council and I have decided that maintaining the mask mandate has become impractical.

We would really appreciate it, though, if as many as possible wear masks within our church.  We are mindful Omicron is still spreading in our community, notably among older age groups.  We are also aware the absence of a mandate will exclude some people from feeling able to come along.   We note the church is a confined space, and the meetings are likely to be well attended.  Ventilation options are limited…….

But ever the vaccine pushing nazi that he is there is this question;

Covid vaccinations:  I am

a) Double Covid vaccinated and boosted.

 b) Double Covid vaccinated and not boosted.

 c) Single Covid vaccinated.

 d) Not Covid vaccinated.

 e)  I choose not to answer this question.

 f) I choose not to answer this question and believe it should not have been asked.

To which he got this response when I noticed it on Sunday morning;


your multichoice question #4 goes against the Bill of Rights as I see it.

Highly inappropriate at the very least.



And the follow up you can see in the video above.

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