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Rosa Koire on Agenda 21

From 2013, an eye opener

I watched this in 2021 and ordered Rosa’s book as well (in NZ it’s available from a guy in the Waikato - contact me for details). But going back to it now is not deja vu, it’s more that you pick up things that you might have missed or not prioritized on the first look. Her comments on your body as your most important property are prescient. Your right to decide on what goes into it. She goes over how 9/11 jump started this fascism. There’s also a fair bit of concentration on wilderness areas, in the United States in this example. Places that you will not be able to go to (you could almost swear that Bison had made this policy).

She basically talks on all the dystopian things currently going on. So it’s a short cut that allows you to jump ahead of having to read 100 substacks for the kernel of truth there somewhere. So enjoy. It’s an hour and a half long but well worth the view. The last 15 minutes are q & a.

Rosa Koire died in 2021 by the way. She came down with a pretty quick acting cancer. A little like Kary Mullis maybe.

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