Aaron Hawkins 'yes let's blame the middle class' (2m 14s video)

October 2nd 2019, climate change 'inaction' what does it really mean?

Aug 8, 2022

My view of this section of the video of the 2nd October, 2019 campaign stop of Aaron Hawkins

at the council owned Museum, which no other candidates were invited to, is that Hawkins is talking of ‘unacceptable things’ and hence this is the reason that he is so vague in his speech.

The biggest variable in the climate change world of the likes of Bill Gates is, and was in 2019, population. There were definitely indications in the online Twittersphere of the time that problems were coming for the West due to the unsustainable nature of our world. Those changes would include the military, rationing and ‘population reduction’ maybe a big challenge that is “confronting us and facing us” (1:03) which is also known, by some of us, by its more common moniker genocide.

The event was hosted by Professor Marc Wilson from the Victoria University in Wellington where he lectures on climate change denial.


At the time a city councilor and candidate for council and mayor. Now Mayor of Dunedin. The campaign stop was a week before the election. No other candidates were invited. Brian Dixon, who you see on the Facebook promotion as one of the hosts, was Aaron’s main man at the time and a Green Party apparatchik.

It is, in my view, a clear misuse of Council funds.