Bruce Smith the Westland Mayor on Three Waters "myths" (lies really)

This central Government is New Zealand's worst, most ideological and most corrupt


Bruce Smith, the Mayor of Westland, came to attention over the last few years due to his opposition to the Government’s Three Waters fraud. Who is behind this fraud? As per another post of mine the concept is from at least 2004 and the name itself looks to be the invention of the Boston Consulting Group, a company very much allied to the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates. So you don’t really need to guess who is behind it. Bill and Klaus are basically.

As I have indicated and as Bruce indicates in this video the ultimate aim is (most likely yada yada) privitization. Due to the control being removed from local Governments such privitization will be easy enough to do. In the meantime you have a government who has stolen the assets for pennies on the dollar. What will they then sell them for, pennies on the pennies? Bruce mentions that the model is based on the Scottish water system. I will have a look at that claim, although I’m sure that he’s right.

And he mentions Communities 4 Local Democracy..

…. a grouping of local councils around the country. He does mention that Queenstown Lakes had joined but they’re not on this map, dark green being the Councils who have joined, so I guess they withdrew probably under large pressure from the Wellington politburo;

Bruce Smith had a health scare shortly after the video above and is not standing again this year. He’s still recovering from his March hospitalization (prostate cancer and sepsis).

This is a group opposing the Aaron Hawkins aligned LGNZ which in turn is, I’m told, controlled by a Melbourne based group called ICLEIO who are in turn controlled by a German based group called ICLEI. I’ve been told that the World Economic Forum is very much involved as well. I don’t doubt it.

But I see the potential to ‘sideline’ the Wellington government with this grouping. The bigger cities of Wellington and Auckland are missing from it as are Hamilton and Tauranga (currently run by unelected Commisars). But Christchurch is there along with most of Canterbury and so is Napier as well as other councils in the Hawkes Bay and most of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. And if you look carefully you can therefore see an interesting alliance of significantly Maori parts of the country with significantly Pakeha parts of the country. The central Government is, on the other hand, trying to divide on exactly those lines.

Bring it on.

Here’s the submission of the Communities 4 Local Democracy on the Water Services Entities Bill an enabling piece of intended legislation for the Three Waters grand theft.

Final+c4ld+submission+to+fec+plus+appendices+1 9
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