Say what you like but this bike stuff is just an attack approach.

It might as well be a gender change for innocents.

All being used against logic.

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Is bicycle resistant like vaccine hesitant? Traffic engineers nearly always get it wrong, but that's because they act on inaccurate presumptions. Any impediment to driving will be fiercely attacked by most motorists, unless they directly benefit from it, so shunting traffic away from their neighborhood is acceptable, even if they have to drive a trifle farther. Most bicycle "safety" infrastructure increases the likelihood of crashes- because most crashes are rider only- so poorly maintained and constricted lanes and paths become hazardous. Intersections are the most likely collision nexus for bicycles and vehicles. Drivers like for and only see "traffic", so moving cyclists outside of the traffic lane increases their invisibility. Glad you're having an interesting trip. I walked around Oxford but I was young. Nederlands did go through some bicyclist/ motorist wars in the 80's to get where they are now.

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