No end budget for wasting taxpayer money to prop up anti-citizen measures.

Yep, they've all gotta go.

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i have a genuine reason not to wear one, im not a fucking moron who knows nothing about scale

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The mask exemptions have been handled like garbage ever since Con-man Coster tried to punish a poor woman for a "fake exemption" back during last year's Delta lockdown.

The Covid order explicitly says that an exemption is in effect for any reason, physical or mental, that a person cannot wear a mask.

There IS no official card, there is no official agency to grant the card, and nobody can ask you to see a card if you have an exemption.

The law hasn't changed to provide for any official card, personalized or not.

The media is lying trash, the government is lying trash, and if you needed a clear example, here is one for you.

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Take out the young global leaders, they make up the head of the snake 🐍

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Apr 28, 2022Liked by Richard Seager


To fully understand what a Covid death is- and what it isn’t- it is essential to understand the radical, and to this day unexplained, changes made in how deaths would be recorded, starting in the Spring of 2020. For the last two decades, standardized cataloging of mortality statistics has been in place, as outlined in the CDC’s Medical Examiners’ & Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting and the CDC’s Physicians’ Handbook on Medical Certification of Death.

The arrival of "Covid-19" would usher in a new manner of recording mortality.

On March 24th, 2020, the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS), under the direction of the CDC, issued ‘COVID-19 Alert No. 2’ to all physicians, medical examiners, and coroners as a guideline as to ‘how cause of death’ would now be reported on death certificates, exclusively for COVID-19.

The ramifications of this can not be overstated as the NVSS, a division of the CDC sets the rules for how state health departments are obliged to assess mortality data.

This seemingly innocent single-page release became a watershed moment in how the United States would define Covid-19 deaths and began a process by which all manner of deaths would be coded as U07.1 COVID-19.

In practice, this led to a grossly exaggerated number of deaths being mislabelled “Covid-19 deaths.”

For example, as of Feb. 3rd, 2021, a glimpse at Table 3 of the CDC’s “Conditions Contributing to Deaths Involving COVID-19” shows 14,369 deaths listed as injury deaths which were recorded in the Covid-19 death count. While not the largest example of Covid-19 death misattribution, this clearly illustrates the deceit and manipulation which is found throughout the CDC Covid-19 mortality database.

Further examples of questionable accounting found in the CDC’s Provisional Mortality Statistics Covid-19 database can be found here– 1,265 deaths in 2020-2021 occurring from falls from various structures coded as U07.1 (COVID-19); and here– 17 drowning deaths all coded U07.1 (COVID-19); and here– 99 suicides all coded U07.1 (COVID-19).

Such examples are not unique. An exhaustive examination of the CDC’s Provisional Mortality Statistics database reveals that finding a case where an individual died solely from Covid is the exception. Based on all we now know, questioning any and all deaths attributed to “Covid” is imperative.

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they ought to save their money for the real protection needed from EM exposure: faraday jumpsuits.

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