Poor poor Schwaby - Yes, zey are escaping.

Ve can't have someone who's turned into a caricature of himself rule ze world.

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Things appear to be changing for Klaus as I quote from Tony Ryan, a New Zealander who lives in Australia. (oziz4oziz’s Newsletter) regarding the recent DAVOS conference.

"The WEF trumpted its DAVOS conference for weeks prior to the event but when the great moment arrived for His Cellestial Highness Klaus Schwarb to address his host of elite disciples, half of the invitees failed to arrive. It seems that the omens cast dark shadows across the spreadsheet measuring wealth generated by Young Leaders.

In fact, forfeiting the RSVP $24,000 was clearly preferable to being seen with a bunch of sociopathic delusionista. And instead of the heady perfumes of high class call girls pervading the Davis atmosphere, according to those not impressed, there was the rank odour of infighting and back-stabbing between disgruntled invitees.

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