Typical. In these people's eyes their "fix" is *always* throwing more stolen money at the very same institutions and government that caused the problem to begin with. Then add that absolute *monster* Doktor Gates into the mix for good measure. The fix is in alright.

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Looks like the WEF has bribed & coerced it’s little lackey, Ahern into being the perfect little Manchurian useful idiot. Traitor. It must be quite a psychopath. Bring on the Treason Trials.

The farmers in the Netherlands are being driven off the land due to WEF cutting supply in regard to nitrogen for for fertiliser. They then buy the land cheap. This has resulted in cutting also the food supply where the people are going hungry. Similar story in Shri Lanka. America is experiencing food warehouses and factories burning down at night. Bird flu has resulted in the slaughter of millions of chicken. Gas is $9 a gallon.

In Australia there is the threat, or certainty that foot and mouth disease will enter the country via tourism in Bali. The cattle industry is worth $80 billion. They’ll want to wipe that out. Can see it coming. The Woke WEF, WHO, lackey Australian govt hasn’t placed a temporary halt to tourism from Australia to Bali. Another Manchurian lackey.

Be interesting to see the genome sequence of this foot and mouth disease. More diseases these days turn out gain of function, monkey pox an example. (Dr Campbell, YouTube) Also the genome sequence has been published here on Substack. I can see the real possibility of indigenous land rights being misappropriated to the WEF. We share our info and keep hard copies.

Thanks for the the info on New Zealand.

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I'm sure it's utterly coincidental that the three letter abbreviation for the company is the same as the TB vaccine. Their website claims that the climate cwisis can't be solved without AI and that there's a "looming food crisis". All woke boxes ticked.

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