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If you have more than just a passing interest in the Treaty, I suggest you read Ned Fletcher’s book The English Text of the Treaty of Waitangi.


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It is a disgraceful read, surprising me why the treaty of Waitangi hasn’t been legally challenged.

As the majority of the native chiefs, either refused or were not given the opportunity to sign, an

International Court should have the power to over-rule NZ and make it null and void.

For the few Māori who were enticed by gifts and a few blankets to sign was gross deception.

Australian has just ended a century-long tradition of the monarchy appearing on Australia’s $5 note. The reserve Bank has revealed it will not replace Queen Elizabeth’s image on the note with that of King Charles.

However, this has prompted a culture war with the conservatives and that is what will occur in

New Zealand.

It will be an up-hill battle to get anywhere once the conservatives get on their high-horse.

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I dumped it as soon as I investigated it, what bollocks the treaty is.

If I got you to sign an agreement ( which I just imagined you could do on behalf of all other New Zealanders = "ultra vires" in legalese) using words and having meanings you dont even understand. You would say WTF?!

You would not call it a founding document but rather a fraud.

I wouldn't believe in it.

But I guess being privileged partners in crime appeal$ to some Maori.

This treaty is what the Crown NZ govt needs people to believe as it is an illegitimate government( thus they need to have the early settler Polynesian Maori (seen as more)" indigenous "( thanks John Key and the uber corrupt UN) than others that were born here. on the land.

(And hey dont even look at the archeological proof NZ had Celtic people here well before the Polynesians).

Withdraw belief in the " treaty".

PS Its important the Apartheid NZ state that was built on the treaty also ends and that people recognizing the treaty as void isn't used to fuel more separatism.

One people.

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Neo-Colonialism and Woke ideology so early in Imperial history give food for thought.

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