But not completely - good for you to do more research on the subject.

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Klaus Schwab to his devilish minions: "Queue ze new variants!" "Mach Schnell!"

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Are they still pretending convid is real? wow a LONG time in ignorance this "long convid"

To make up a new disease the quacks always needed to have a new set of symptoms, they dont even bother to pretend anymore . As they now switch drug use for one use to another for profit so do they switch around and rename symptoms to make up new dis ease$.

I have a different belief system to the snake oil salesman Rockefeller and his minion Malone Balony.

The mind is what makes you ill( the unhealed mind) the one that chooses fear.

We know that to produce and release cell breakdown chemicals in chain reactions that then breaks down tissue the mind only has to THINK about something fearful. And then there is the nocebo for quick symptoms.

This is one related thread I wrote a while back:


Hope some of you got to watch https://theendofcovid.com/

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The process that releases histamine in large quantities in multiple parts of the body is ... called ANAPHYLAXIS

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Is it histamine or indigestion that the mal one is on about.

The headline says histamine but the article says indigestion.

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Perhaps he suffers from high histamine levels. Quite uncomfortable and stressful.

High histamine causes vasodilation … take niacin and experience the flush of vasodilation.

You will go bright red and itchy all over!

Bacterial overgrowth can cause a cascade of reactions leading to a release of histamine.

Allergic hypersensitivity releases histamine.

The hormone that triggers histamine is estrogen which stimulates mast cells to release it.

Anti-histamines are a big seller for pharmacies.

It seems there are a variety of causes…from just walking in the garden, perfumes, food, each other!

Some are allergic to horses some to cats and dogs. Horses…interesting!

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Gosh. I guess dat be da man

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