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"The fund is managed by ROCKEFELLER Philanthropy Advisor"


That same rockefeller with the medicine and the climate change. The "good club".

Anyway, "I don't see xyz is the bad guy" is the same dominant mantra of naivity that we can see since this "health freedom" "movement" occupied the stages. So nothing but nothing will change at least soon.


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Best wishes and safe travels to you and your family.

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All the best and thanks for your insightful, insights throughout the year.

Always helpful, or more ways then one!

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road’ll take you there” (George Harrison)

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You won't be able to resist, so I'm not saying "Happy New Year" to you yet.

Did you see Steve's letter to the NZ Health Department?

He is two faced but he amuses me.

At least we are on to him.

Do you think that he has some value for waking up some of the dozy types.

Cheers anyway and thanks for all your fun posts.

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Happy Hiatus Richard

Ive been on a break too.

All the best to you, your family and all your readers for the crazy season

Remember everyone to be present , its especially difficult this time of year, take long slow conscious breaths while/if reading the propaganda( UNreality haha)

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Yeah the slides are poor quality. A first year bachelors student would have done them better.

It's also my contention that the optical mouse was invented by a Japanese guy in the late 1970s but his application for a patent was refused for some reason. Back to you in January.

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