I think it is too early to decide as the scars of this disease are going to follow us for years.

Australians are now being offered a fifth vaccine.

Also, I think we all have to take some responsibility for this event. In a way we have brought

it upon ourselves. There has been years of no respect for our environment.

Man has caused more damage than any other creature on earth.

If a bat is behind this pandemic, either way by natural occurrence, or interference from

'gain of function' insertion by scientists. Why the bat? Why not the bat?

We never though twice about moving in and damaging their habitat - so why wouldn't

they move in and damage ours - where else could they go?

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Can you blame a psychopath for being a psychopath? This Covid show is just another example of their psychotic behaviour that has been going on for ages. It is just like the banking system, pharma, pushed gender ideology, mainstream propaganda, hoax terror attacks, hoax school schootings, hoax events that lead to wars, the global political system, the education system and so on. Basically anything in this system.

The question should be; are you going to forgive yourself for being a gullible enabler of a psychopathic system? In the end, all you can do is forgive but if you want to punish, be ready to be the one to carry out the punishment. If not, you are just a hypocrite. And while you are at it, also punish all the enablers because they are also to blame, be it less.

It will be a bloodbath...

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Need public naming and shaming and firing of major perps and paying back of all the money they got through their extortions.

Those in positions of power should not be allowed to hold important government positions again.

Then I won't "forgive" but I will move on. Otherwise they will think that they got away with it and will do it all again.

But yes, this Covid stuff is a distraction from the control coming with CBDC, which is worse actually. Death and disability of many are pretty serious but control of everyone, well that means Everyone.

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I’ll forgive in the sense, I put God first.

Unforgiveness separates me from God, a self will energy.

So I surrender the outcome and my heart to God.

I am praying to not carry the load by myself

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Sounds to me like a psyop in itself, its just going after the "rules".

Pointedly in that there is only the (govt following CDC org) "rules" policies being found as an error .

They are not acknowledging there was no proof of threat no " covid" , or that govts forced people into a global medical experiment (human GMO trial) and that was also bloody " erroneous" .

And that crime of omission means they can replay the lie "viruses" are real contagion BS and make people play the fear game whenever they like .

For many stuck in the mind programs of fear the news story will make them angry hardening their resolve to never forgive.

I'm a big proponent of forgiveness.

Forgiveness it is a gift given to yourself.

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I may forgive, but I will NEVER forget!

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It wouldn't make sense to try and round up all of the perpetrators of the crimes of the last three years because, as you mentioned, there are thousands. But we absolutely should be demanding the key players be apprehended and put on the stand. I'm all about forgiveness, but that mercy is reserved for those who repent and have genuine remorse for their crimes. I can't imagine forgiving a smug Fauci or any of his ilk. He, and those in his camp are proud of what they've done...

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