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A teacher acquaintance advises me that teachers just got 3k+ bonus, for what she called striking and keeping children out of school. She will continue to vote Labour though as she knows which side her bread is buttered on. And she wants taxes raised to pay teachers and nurses and police more.

I told her it was inflationary so we had some mutual eye-rolling.

I don't know if this vote bribe was in the MSM, as I don't follow that tripe.

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Regarding X (Twitter): we would say in Australia ‘Fair Suck of the Sauce Bottle'

Interpreted for those who don't understand our slang it means:

X is being unreasonable in what they expect to be acceptable in not allowing a 'fair go' a reasonable

opportunity to participate.

NZ is likely to be still recovering from the harshness of Jacinda's policies as Luxon wasn't popular with many National voters for a long time. One side of my NZ family were strong National supporters

but now considering voting for Winston Peters.

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I expect the reason weasel Hipkins was appointed, was just to get that particular group of scum to the end of the allotted period.

Bell rings.

Now the 'roll on deodorant' guy, appointed from the other scum group, have their set period.

I don't expect to see the masses arise until they are being actively culled.

And no, they don't see the current method as an active cull.

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