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Grant was born in Griffith, New South Wales, the son of Stan Grant Sr, an elder of the Wiradjuri people and Betty Grant (nee Cameron), born near Coonabarabran, the daughter of a white woman and a Kamilaroi Aboriginal man. The Wiradjuri are an Aboriginal Australian people from the south-west inland region of New South Wales. He spent much of his childhood in inner Victoria where the Wiradjuri also have roots. (Wikipedia)

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For my Australian readers (roughly about 60 of you) I would add that I am very dubious about Stan Grant's claims to aboriginal background. I figure it's more likely to be Italian. I might investigate that a little more.

And his 'suntan' is an embarrassment. What got into him?

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Interesting stats on this article of mine. Likes are not so strong but hits on the page are and in addition to that hits on the blog went up to about 6 times what they normally go to yesterday.

I couldn't help but notice that Sharon Murdoch did the best that she could today to criticize the Labour Party (but not without involving the National Party) and that various writers critiqued the decision to sponsor the Steel Mill's threat to leave NZ.

I didn't see anything critiquing dubious vaccine pushers or a moko to remind someone that Georgina is Maori (supposedly) though. But I do wonder who's been looking at this page. Stand up and be counted now....

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Somebody ever comes at me with a hatchet and a blowtorch, it will be the last thing they ever do.

Before they can get to me, I will be advancing on them.

Grow some balls people.

The army didn't teach me to be a pussy 30 years ago.

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Tyranny the cult initiation; gurus promulgating nothing but criticisms; to confuse the compliant to obey. The ancient Gnosticism: the mileau of psychopaths and megalomaniacs, aka the WEF. Be scared, confused, and obey.

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Sounds like you are identifying or recognizing seriously advanced cases of transhumanism.

Researchers have explained how this genetic alteration is possible with the injected serum which is comprised of self-assembling structures that are able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

These trannys occupy a completely dark and irrational dimension that regular (uninjected) people cannot process.


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I advise no one reads that sh^t.

Its just upsetting and disturbing read , that people are that bonkers and are spreading it.

Media=Junk food for the mind.

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My husband and I were caught in a similar set up.

IMMEDIATELY...FAST..(my husband's fast), he ran friendly to

the 'monster man', big smile, said 'Good to SEE you', stuck out his hand.

The monster shook his hand, then my husband whispered to me

'RUN!!'. The monster was confused. We escaped.

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There's a push to recruit from India white collar work from home types, eg getting an office job at Westpac. Once they have been in the job for six months they can bring over their whanau.

So we have a mother or father over here away from their children for six months for the happy family reward to come.

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NZ is a bit like California. However my state has completely gone insane. I am dubious even woke NZ is crazier.

Hatchet-Wielding Man Who Lit College Students On Fire With Blow Torch Gets No Jail Time In Plea Deal:

A man convicted of lighting students on fire at U.C. Berkeley in 2020 is reportedly on track to not serve any jail time for the heinous attack because he agreed to participate in a diversion program for veterans.

The Berkeley Scanner reported that Brandon McGlone, who was convicted of multiple felonies, accepted a plea deal from the Alameda County district attorney’s office and the public defender’s office.

McGlone approached two men eating outside a restaurant, knocked their food off the table and told them he was going to light them on fire, CBS News reported at the time. He allegedly sprayed them with the flammable aerosol lubricant WD-40 as they escaped.

Immediately following the incident, he went into a teahouse where he sprayed the can and lit two people on fire.

Bystanders tried to restrain him but he pulled out a hatchet and threatened them. When police arrived, they found he was carrying other weapons, including knives, a machete, and Molotov cocktails.

If McGlone completes the program then the charges against him will be dismissed and, if he doesn’t, he could face up to eight years in prison...

[link to www.dailywire.com (secure)]

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