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Mar 29, 2023·edited Mar 31, 2023

Identity politics.

Instead of Posie the media supported some weird PC event in Welly where it seemed to be in NZ only "trans" (LBTGQ group )can be the voice of woman.

The NZ govt majority is made up of high percentage of LTBGQ( and criminals and deviants and pedos).... marginalized group my arse.

I want to ask anyone ...what a "trans"? when now the govt supports dysmorphia , NZ govt where a man can say hes a woman.

You have men, woman and the very rare hermaphrodite ( no such thing as "trans" gender ). Even under the govt gender delusions.

Its just insanity.

The answer is clearly instead of the body( race, gender) identification plot to move past that and to identify with who you really are( spirit).


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