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Linda an organizer at the Posie Parker "event" in Auckland

This is from the Platform this morning. It is a damning indictment of the NZ police.

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The keyboard tapping is me.

From an interview with Sean Plunkett (he was a bit of an arse at the beginning but she stood up to him & he backed down). It is not the whole interview, just half of it and if it comes up on the Platform I will link to it.

The gist is that the police were easy to deal with up to the day in question and then blanked the organizers on the day. Rumour is that Andrew Coster the police chief here in NZ told them to stand down. Coster is allegedly related to Jacinda Ardern somehow, not sure if that’s true or not.

Her story is horrific. It is quite a surprise that nobody was murdered. I’m not sure if the woman in the photo above is her or not, it could be.

Update: The Platform has put up the full interview. You can hear the sarcasm in Plunkett’s voice initially before the two minute mark but Linda puts him in his place and the rest of the interview is mostly respectful. It is a very good interview.