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I sent your Substack regarding Rugby to my nephew in NZ. He is involved with coaching

Juniors and young up-coming Japanese players. He didn’t say how disappointed he was

in the World Cup final, but knowing him he would have been extremely disappointed.

He replied with some of his insights.

“I understand the sentiment of the writer. I agree about the first yellow card to Frizzell, I don’t

think it was a penalty let alone a card. Cane’s tackles were a red card all day.

I also don’t have an issue with Kollsi’s yellow card not being upgraded. In general I have

issues with the bunker and TMO (TV Match Official) and the amount of influence they have on

the game. A post match review, as currently happens for referees, can look at any other mistakes.

I have no problems with referees making mistakes, just as players and coaches do.

They need to be supported and to that end I would limit replays being shown at the ground or

on TV - to live speed only - and no slow motion replays.

The referee doesn’t get a slow motion replay to make a decision and nether should critics.

I am also not a fan of rolling mauls from line-outs and think they should be banned. The ball

carrier should always be able to be tackled and not hide behind a wall of his team-mates.

Other than that there was some great Rugby played”.

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