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Otago Uni Mayoral Forum

Otago Uni Mayoral Forum

Tra la, la, la, le

The first Mayoral Forum on the election trail was at Otago University tonight at 6pm. I didn’t think the audience was that representative, certainly seemed a bias towards Transgender audience members. Anyway it took until after the hour mark, everyone doing their tributes to climate change and the Treaty (te Tiriti) except me. I was trying to be respectful while noting that there was a lot of virtue signal happening. And I was the only one who had any actual environmental policy instead of virtue signalling with sometimes tyrannical Malthusian overtones. Also I basically pointed out that the Waitangi Treaty made Maori British citizens rather than freemen with the rest of as peasants. This is a complicated topic but the woke think that they can just spin a bit of Maori at the beginning and end of their speeches and it’s addressed just fine.

Anyway the audio is the bit where we got asked about whether men (you know XY chromosomes) should be allowed in the womens (ahem XX) changing rooms at Moana Pool. You’ll possibly miss it but we were asked not to be too transphobic in our answers. This is the order of the answers;

Aaron Hawkins, Mayor.


Jules Radich

Lee Vandervis

Mandy Mayhem Bullock

Sophie Barker

David Milne

Carmen Houlahan

What would I score myself? 6/10.

I was kind of provoked a little by Aaron, Mandy, Carmen and Sophie as they kept interjecting when I was speaking earlier so my interjections here were returning fire really. The aftermath? Sophie and her two friends tried to provoke me afterwards as despite what I said being far from the most provocative to such types I’m their public enemy #1. One of Sophie’s friends came over afterwards and told me that she was disgusted that I tried to speak for Dunedin women of which she was one. If you listen you’ll hear that my suggestion is to let Dunedin women decide whether they’ll have transwomen in their spaces. I suggested putting it out to a referendum. So this was pre-planned theatre that had nothing to do with what was actually said.

After that I went over to join in the conversation with Jules and the young women (I’m assuming she was a she unless she’d had 10 years of hormones in her 20yo life) who had asked the question. She said that if women felt uncomfortable with transwomen (so not the same?) in their changing rooms then they should be the ones to leave. At this stage the three Sophies turned up as if they needed to be there as bouncers (ridiculous idea really if you were to see them) and considering that this too was obviously theatre designed for provocation I decided to leave at this stage. Incredulous though that someone would think women would have to leave women’s changing rooms if they didn’t want to share penis pics.

This is 19th C sort of stuff and my experience has suggested to me that there is a lot of religious backing (Salvation Army, Catholic Church, the Iranian State) for this “issue”.

Other points, Sophie Barker was the worst of them. Pointedly tried to point out our ages several times as if she was a young sprite (she dyes her hair no doubt) and she was wearing some sort of 7k trendy outfit. Aaron also had his 5k shoes on.

I slammed COVID-19 drama several times.

Here’s the upper middle class Sophie in more trad attire.

I’m wondering if her “midgit club” is going to keep following me around the trail.

I don’t know why the pic of the scooters is coming up again.

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