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A most interesting and well written (clear and comprehensive) insight into the problems facing agriculture farming and the unusual suggestion for our survival. An enjoyable read.

It is difficult to get used to new ideas such as this ... Let's hope the bacteria is tasty!

Who Knows what the future holds. We may be forced into this.

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RE the soil consider my theory in the light of Govt funding 15 million to research to cover up what they must already know: 1080 causes Kauri die back.

And it does this because 1080 kills the Insects that aerate the soil and dig tunnels that provide channels for water.

So it becomes dead soil, water logged full of the fungus-like pathogen Phytophthora agathidicida

1080 is dropped killing the microbes and life in soil without the life and oxygen it increases the water mold /fungus= die back .

The soil dies.

But the madness of poisoning nature( ie the war on nature)really comes from human unconsciousness. Insanity-featuring greed of those that profit off dropping 3x recommended amount of 1080 poison into the earth and rivers. The algae helps try to 'purify' water by absorbing it = toxic algae.

Then we have govt making unmasked people spray roundup all day long .

And they dont care about pollution they just want to maintain (mind)control and to trade emissions and carbons industry ( which will push more people into poverty).

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