What kind of car is that with its pretty lil' frilly, white curtain and, this is weird, are they snake designs around his head?

I have a friend with POTS developed after the HPV vaccine, may be why POTS is 5 times more prevalent in girls, although it is marketed to boys too. Wonder if the ratio of uptake is 5:1?


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"Servtherich" ? agree that snake venom angle opposition has been quick off the mark.

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I'll never forget "Doktor" Gates talking about giving shots in one of these countries (can't remember if it was Africa or India), but he said, "We just shoot the GMO right into their bodies". (Not sure if that's an exact quote, but I believe it's in James Corbett's incredible, must watch documentary "Who is Bill Gates" https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/)

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wait till you read about the hundreds of thousands of injured school kids he injected without any approval, the article linked glossed over that

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" here in NZ GSK owns Pfizer."

That is unusual.

"India has lots of snakes. But then so does Seattle."

Very droll.

How, then, do you explain Ireland, whose dwellers are as soft in the head as the kiwis?

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