Shock troops for the trans humanist overlords.

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Apr 5, 2023Liked by Richard Seager

One more comment Ive gotta add about the definition change thats fueling this crazy political identity f show. Replacing a sexual preference with the person's biological sex/ gender .

The word Sex and Gender have been used interchangeably. Gender is a more polite way of asking what sex someone is, they both mean "biological sex of the organism".

A few years back the central bankster's mind controllers changed the definition in the CIA's wikipoodia now its all over their gooble.

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Josh Slocum argues that we are dealing with "Cluster B" personality disorders. Especially Borderline and Narcissisic. "We are living in a world of complete and total reversal of the truth".


His video addresses the horrors in Albert Park.

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Apr 5, 2023·edited Apr 5, 2023Liked by Richard Seager

Then if you want to go down this rabbit hole (as you did) you follow the money from astro- turf orgs( *Astro turf meaning bankster orgs pretending to be grass roots people orgs that are just spreading political ideology aka the Krazy Koolaid). From govt to central banksters (whose UN agenda 2030 the orgs/"charities"/trusts are following). These are nothing but UN fronts and there is shitloads of money for their Political ideology supporting orgs.

But a positive note is that the noisier the crazy gets the more noticeable it is . And the peaceful voice of reason is needed now more than ever.

Dysmorphic men are the voice of woman! I dont think so. So the voice of woman is desired to be silenced.

I thought it was funny as their poster implied they wanted "abortion rights" and I was thinking of starting a UN govt funded abortion clinic for men. 100% money back guarantee.

Except the obsurd-ness of these political campaigns is not seen by those lost in fear + confusion, youth that the govt are currently mind conditioning with fear of no future ( and note the sexualizing of 7 and 8 yr old kiwis in the gay/transvestite/queer/ dysmorphic pride week in sunny old Apartheid NZ ).

When the Act party have become the NZ govts go to controlled opposition party shit has hit the fan haha

Political ideology .People need to get outta the grip of body/race identification completely .

You are not a body/skin colour/race/sex/belief/sexual preference as the govt would have (and needs) you to identify with.

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